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Kicking the Hornet’s Nest is a startling investigative look at a popular gynecologic device used to perform hysterectomies that has been inadvertently spreading cancer in patients for decades. Weaving together first-person testimonies and archival footage, the film follows two married Harvard-affiliated whistle-blowers, personally impacted by the procedure, as they mount a harrowing campaign against the medical establishment to expose the controversial practice and prevent future needless deaths.

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Powerful documentary. Heartbreaking and empowering showing true courage of family in face of terrible disease and the Strength to challenge the powerful and push back.


Truly heartbreaking.


May the film expose the ugly

underbelly of medical care.

Peggy Seidman MD

Cleveland, OH

A David and Goliath tale.


The decisions made by large industry and regulatory agencies are intertwined in the daily fabric of our lives but normally made behind closed doors.


This documentary allows us to sit at the table. Thoroughly researched and deeply explored.

Kseniya Khmara MD

Seattle, WA

Smartly depicts the struggles a family encounters in dealing with a devastating disease.

The film provides a balanced story of advantages and disadvantages of a minimally invasive procedure.

Joseph Savino MD,

Philadelphia, PA